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3 Quick Tips to Dominate Your Next Bumper Pool Game

May 11, 2022


Bumper pool tables have been around for a while and are a fun take to the classic game of pool or billiards. Bumper pool tables are smaller in size and can fit in smaller spaces in homes, rec rooms, schools, clubs, etc. and are also a faster paced game of bounces, rebounds, bumps, and crazy trick shots with your friends. Its an easy game to learn but not as easy to dominate.

Today we are giving you our 3 quick tips to dominate your next bumper pool game. Let's begin:

Tip #1

Defense Wins Bumper Pool Championships!

You've heard it before and we will say it again, the secret to a great offense is an excellent defense. In bumper pool its really important to place your shots strategically and play the best defense you can. The more penalties you can make them create, the easier your game will be. Think smart and don't just go for it all at once.

Tip #2

The Bumpers are Your Friend!

Use the bumpers to your advantage on both offense and defense. The bumpers can create really tricky angles for your opponents shot so use them wisely. Try to pin your opponent behind or between bumpers and the side rails so their ball is extremely difficult to get out of the position for an easy shot. Create difficult shots for your opponents using bumpers.

Tip #3

Center Hole is the Goal!

Utilize the center hole as much as possible to send your opponents off the table. This will allow for reserves and slow your opponents offense down. Be strategic with ball placement and try to knock your opponents balls into the hole often.

Hopefully as you play more bumper pool you will be able to gain an advantage on your opponents with these three quick and easy strategy tips.

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