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Bumper pool is one of the most fun ways to play billiards and you can add the game to your home with one of the high-quality tables we have available on our site. There are many to choose from for all different reasons and this page will hopefully help you make a good decision for your space.  

We carry tables for indoor use, outdoor use, 3-in-1 versatile use, octagon shaped tables, rustic tables, modern tables, classic tables and many more. Choose from one of our four great brands that we carry from Atomic, Berner, Imperial, and Valley bumper pool tables. 

Below are a few aspects of bumper pool tables to consider when making your purchase:

Slate or MDF

Many of our tables have a slate playfield which is the most durable of surfaces in the industry. These slate tables are usually 3/4" thick and provide awesome playability and mimics other real pool tables you see around. This is the best playfield for bumper pool. This Imperial Slate table would be a great option for durability we are talking about.


We carry many bumper pool tables in either rectangular or octagonal shape. Depending on the space you have in your room, one of these shapes may fit your room better. Both shapes of tables play amazingly well and are challenging, the octagon shape however does offer more bounces off the walls for fun angles. Take a look at our octagon shape tables here.


If you're looking for versatility and a space-saving design to be able to play cards, poker, eat dinner, and play bumper pool table then a conversion 3-in-1 table might be perfect for you. Most of these tables have a dual sided top for cards or dining table that can be added to the table when not playing pool. All you need to do is lift the table top when you want to play bumper pool. This allows for the table to be setup all year round while having multiple uses. Don't take space in your rec room for just stand alone bumper pool table. Check out the 54" Weathered Octagon Conversion Table from Berner as a recommendation.


We carry many different styles of bumper pool tables for your home space. Choose from a classic look, modern look, weathered look, octagon shaped, industrial look, and more. Some of the tables have the classic pool table look you would find in any bar, bowling alley, or arcade while others look more like home furniture. We carry tables with an old world weathered look with X style steel legs if you're looking for something eye-catching that will look great in any space. Make sure you know which style you want to see in your space before choosing one of these tables. This Urban Berner Slate table is a great option for a really trendy look of bumper pool table. 


We carry mostly indoor tables which is standard for bumper pool tables but we do currently carry one weatherproof outdoor option. This table would be perfect for the back patio, outdoor space, park, or other area where durability from the outdoor elements is important. Click on the Orlando Berner Outdoor bumper pool table for outdoor play.


As you can see there are plenty of options and features to think about when purchasing a bumper pool table. Make sure you know where the table will sit, what kind of style and look you want, and if you want rectangle or octagon shaped table. If you need further help please reach out to us at any time at